One of the most critical factors to reaching our goal this year is creating lots of walk teams. Teams on average raise $1,000 for the Walk for PI, so it’s essential to have as many people form teams as possible.

If there is no walk near you, register for the Virtual Walk, registration will open in the spring, which allows you to participate no matter where you live! Or you can create your own volunteer-led community walk!

2017 National Sites - registration will open March 15!

Atlanta, GA: 10/28 (Brook Run Park)

Boston, MA: 10/1 (Millennium Park)

Chicago, IL: 10/22 (Cantigny Park)

Cleveland, OH: 9/24 (Wade Oval)

Dallas, TX: 11/11 (Addison Circle Park)

Fort Lauderdale, FL: 11/19 (Snyder Park)

Los Angeles, CA: 11/5 (Tongva Park)

Kansas City, MO: 10/8 (Theis Park)

Philadelphia, PA: 10/15 (Cooper River Park)

New York City, NY: 10/22 (Foley Square)

St. Louis, MO: 10/15 (Queeny Park)

Tampa, FL: 11/18 (Lake Hollingsworth, Lakeland)