About IDF Walk for PI

IDF Walk for Primary Immunodeficiency unites the primary immunodeficiency community to help create better lives and find cures for individuals living with these rare, chronic diseases.

Primary immunodeficiency diseases (PI) are a group of more than 350 rare, chronic disorders in which part of the body’s immune system is missing or functions improperly. People with PI face an increased vulnerability to infections, endure recurrent health problems and often develop serious illnesses throughout their entire lives. These individuals can also find it difficult to receive proper diagnosis, treatment and specialized healthcare. They deserve much better. They deserve cures.

Founded in 1980, the Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF) is the national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the diagnosis, treatment and quality of life of people with PI. The dollars raised by IDF Walk for PI ensure that IDF can continue to:

IDF Walk for PI has raised over $4 million since 2013, funding vital IDF programs and initiatives that are helping people lead better lives and changing the future for the PI community. Because of the dollars raised by our walk teams and their supporters, IDF is now awarding research grants. Your participation will ensure that efforts like these continue.

With each step you take with us, we are creating better lives and ultimately getting closer to cures for all types of PI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are fundraising tips and ideas?
We have many ideas to help you reach your fundraising goals. Click here for ideas.  

How is the money used?
Donations help IDF provide resources and services to the thousands who live with PI. IDF is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, and contributions are tax-deductible to the maximum extent allowed by IRS regulations. Please consult a tax advisor to determine the tax deductibility of contributions.

Are patients and caregivers expected to fundraise?
Just like all walkers, patients and families affected by PI are encouraged to raise funds. Many of our highest individual fundraisers are patients and families.

Do I have to register in advance?
While it is encouraged to pre-register for IDF Walk for PI, we do offer registration on the day of the walk. Keep in mind that by registering prior to the walk you will have more time to maximize your fundraising prior to the walk! All walkers, regardless of age, must register to participate in IDF Walk for PI.

Is there a registration fee?
There is no required minimum donation or registration fee to participate, but IDF asks every registered walker to ask 10 friends for $10 to raise at least $100. Walkers who raise $25 or more by walk day will receive an official IDF Walk for PI t-shirt at the walk. All registered participants will receive a pair of IDF Walk for PI shoelaces. If you are participating in our Virtual Walk, your t-shirt will be mailed to you at the end of the fall walk season (December).

When and where may I pick up my fundraising prizes?
Prizes can be picked up on walk day at our Prize Pick Up tent.  Walkers who raise $25 or more by walk day will receive an official IDF Walk for PI t-shirt at the walk. All registered participants will receive a pair of IDF Walk for PI shoelaces. There are other great prizes available for raising $250 or more. You will be sent an e-mail when the online prize claim form is ready, typically six weeks post-walk. Once you complete the claim form, you will receive your incentive in about six weeks.

Note: All prizes are awarded based on individual contributions and/or what the individual has raised. Prizes are not awarded on what a team has raised if you are part of a team, or on what a couple has raised if you are part of a couple. 

How do I get an official IDF Walk for PI t-shirt?
Walkers who raise $25 or more by walk day will receive an official IDF Walk for PI t-shirt at the walk. In order to receive your t-shirt at the walk, be sure to get in all of your donations before the day of the walk.

How do I ensure I receive the correct size t-shirt?
We will do our best to ensure you receive your correct size.

If I am already registered, may I bring my children?
IDF Walk for PI is a family-friendly walk. Children and strollers are welcome to participate in the walk but must be under direct adult supervision at all times. All ages may register for the walk, but please note that t-shirts are adult unisex sizes.

If I am already registered, may I bring my spouse?
Everyone who wishes to participate in the walk must register individually. If you are part of a couple, each of you will need to register.

What happens if it rains or if it’s really hot the day of the walk?
The walk will take place rain or shine. Unless there are extreme weather conditions, the walk will go on. If rain is in the forecast, please dress accordingly so that fun will still be had by all! There will be no rain dates.

Do I actually have to “walk” at the walk?
You do not need to walk in order to participate! Each walk route will be approximately 1.0 to 1.5 miles long and is intended to be easily accessible by stroller and wheelchair. This is a non-competitive walk, and all participants are encouraged to walk at their own pace, at a distance that they are comfortable with and able to complete without causing any physical strain. Any walker who is a patient with a primary immunodeficiency disease (or the parent of a walker under age 18) should confirm with their physician whether participation in the walk is advisable.

Can I volunteer at the walk?
Absolutely! We welcome volunteers of ages 15 or older. While the volunteer tasks may vary with each walk, the IDF Walk for PI Volunteer Coordinator will assist with recruiting local volunteers prior to the walk day and help to manage volunteers the day of the walk. If you have any questions about our volunteer opportunities, click here to e-mail IDF. 

How can my company participate in or sponsor a walk?
We are grateful for the support of national and local organizations. For more information, contact IDF at 800-296-4433, or click here to e-mail us.

Who do I make checks out to?
While we encourage online giving, we do accept checks. Please make your check payable to “Immune Deficiency Foundation,” with the memo line “Walk for PI” and mail it to the following address: Immune Deficiency Foundation 110 West Road, Suite 300 Towson, MD 21204. Once your gift is received by IDF, a tax receipt will be mailed to you.