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IDF Walk for Primary Immunodeficiency unites the primary immunodeficiency community to help create better lives for individuals living with these rare and chronic diseases. People with primary immunodeficiency diseases (PI) face an increased vulnerability to infections, endure recurrent health problems and often develop serious illnesses throughout their entire lives.

IDF Community Walks are vitally important to the impact and overall success of the IDF Walk for Primary Immunodeficiency. They are created by members of the primary immunodeficiency (PI) community who want to have a walk in an area that does not yet have an existing IDF-organized walk. Created by dedicated volunteers in the PI community, these walks help fill in the geographical gaps between the IDF-organized walks and average between 50-150 attendees.

IDF Community Walk Guidelines

The position of IDF Community Walk Organizer is open to individuals, family members or friends living or connected with PI.  Individuals affiliated with a for-profit company that provides support/information to persons living with PI, markets a product or providing a service to persons living with PI, writes articles or develop materials/programs for persons living with PI, and/or is an immediate family member who lives in the same household as an individual that is involved in any of these activities cannot serve as a Community Walk Organizer.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

National Walk Sponsor                           $40,000

Community Walk Gold Sponsor*            $2,500  

   Benefits: Pre-Walk Promotion

   Benefits: Day-Of Walk Recognition

Community Walk Silver Sponsor*            $1,000

   Benefits: Pre-Walk Promotion

   Benefits: Day-Of Walk Recognition

Community Walk Bronze Sponsor*            $500

   Benefits: Pre-Walk Promotion

*Please note that these benefits are valid for IDF Community Walks only. Should the walk become an official site in the future, the benefits and levels will change.

For more information on the community walk program, please contact 800-296-4433 or

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