Organize your own Community Walk

IDF Community Walks are vitally important to the impact and overall success of IDF Walk for Primary Immunodeficiency. If there is not a National Walk near you, you can still get a unique IDF Walk for PI experience by organizing a walk of your own! Your Community Walk can be as small and low key or as big and over-the-top as you would like.

Contact us at if interested in creating a Community Walk in your area.

IDF Community Walk Guidelines

The position of IDF Community Walk Organizer is open to individuals, family members or friends living or connected with PI.

Note: Individuals affiliated with a for-profit company that provides support/information to persons living with PI, markets a product/ provides a service to persons living with PI, writes articles or develops materials/programs for persons living with PI, and/or is an immediate family member who lives in the same household as an individual that is involved in any of these activities are not eligible for this position.