Getting Started: 10 Easy Steps

1. Understand Our Mission: Walking together to create better lives and cures for individuals living with PI. Why we Walk

2. Create or Join a Team: By creating or joining a team, you will be joining thousands of people who are dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by PI. Watch our how-to video here! 

3. Set a Goal: How much do you hope to raise as a team? The average walker raises around $125 and most teams supplement their grand total with additional fundraisers. If you recruit 10 walkers ($125 each) and have a fundraiser ($500 total), consider a goal of $1,750 or more! 

4. Online – Personalize Your Page: Make an impact through your fundraising web page by updating the default content to your own story and include a personal photo or video. Take initiative by making the first donation to encourage others to get the ball rolling! 

5. Know Your Network: Do you know 10 people who would consider giving $10 to a cause that means a lot to you and your family? Write down a list of family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors that may be interested in making a difference for the PI community.

6. Recruit, Recruit, Recruit: Did you know that the average person is asked three times to do something before they take action? Instead of being discouraged if you don’t get a response right away, think of creative ways to follow up!

  • Use multiple platforms of communication to share why IDF Walk for PI is important to you.
  • Utilize the email templates, share the URL to your team page, hang posters around your city, and reach out on social media.
  • Be sure to include photos to capture the emotional impact of the walk.

7. Make a Plan: A personal ask is usually the best way to secure donations. Share this sample plan with your team to raise $125 each in just 4 weeks!

                   Week 1 – Make a starter gift to yourself on your fundraising page - $25
                   Week 2 – Ask or e-mail 5 family members or friends for $10 each - $25
                   Week 3 – Ask 5 co-workers for $5 each - $25
                   Week 4 – Get a business you frequent to support you for $25
                   4 Week Total - $125!

8. Don’t Be Shy: By participating in IDF Walk for PI, you are making a huge impact. Be passionate about your goal to create a better future for the PI community. People are often more willing to help out in honor of a good cause than we give them credit for. Recruiting team members and asking for monetary support is a great way for you to get one step closer to that

9. Stay Updated: It is important to keep yourself updated to receive the most updated information and tips on how to keep the momentum going. Be sure to check your email and follow our social media accounts to stay in the loop. Feel free to email us at any time for questions or advice!

10. Inspire and Motivate Your Extended Network: It is your job to get your teammates, family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances to understand why this event is important to you. IDF is able to provide educational resources and programs at no cost to patients, and lead the way in grassroots advocacy and PI research because of the dollars raised by people like you. Inform your team about the impact that they are making and you will be surprised how enthusiastic they will become about helping you real your goals.

For more tips and tricks, visit our Fundraising Tips page or download our Team Captain’s Guide!

In order to bring together the entire primary immunodeficiency (PI) community, IDF Walk for Primary Immunodeficiency asks that you create a walk team. On average, teams raise $1,000 that goes to changing the future for those affected by PI. Your team’s success in raising money, along with the fundraising of many other teams, will have a tremendous impact.

If there is no walk near you, consider organizing a Community Walk of your own with support from IDF staff, or join us at your convenience by participating in the Nationwide Virtual Walk.