IDF Walk for PI Prizes and Recognition Programs

Thank you for participating in IDF Walk for PI. Registering for the walk makes you eligible for one of our awesome prizes! Your individual total is used to determine the prize you receive.




Raise $50 and earn IDF Walk for PI Spirit Sticks!

TZ Spirit Sticks





Raise $100 and earn a 2017 IDF Walk for PI T-Shirt!

2017 Walk T-Shirt

Our average walker raises $100, so we know you can! It’s as simple as asking ten people for $10.

Need some help? To check out IDF’s 10 Ways to $100!


In 2017, we are awarding prizes in a new and exciting way! In addition to our Spirit Sticks and exclusive Walk T-Shirt, participants are eligible to earn a gift card to the brand new IDF Walk for PI Store! The amount of the gift card is dependent on the amount you raise on your personal fundraising page. Stay tuned for more information on how to redeem your prizes!




IDF Order of the Zebra

Order of the Zebra

IDF Order of the Zebra is an elite group of fundraisers whose efforts make an extraordinary impact on the success of IDF Walk for Primary Immunodeficiency. If you set a fundraising goal of $1,000 or more on your personal* fundraising page, and then reach that goal, you will be inducted into the IDF Order of the Zebra!


2017 National Walk Members

Christina Stephens
Cynthia Clower
Holli Napper

Cathy Peralto
Jennifer Harnden-Koehler
Julia Long
Kate Fladhammer
Lois Crudden
Robert Cathcart
Sabrina Young
Thomas Peralto

Amy Walsh
Colin Bettenhausen

Curtis Anderson
Jason Bettenhausen
Jeri Wilson
Josh Rentfrow
Kirsten Kallis
Koryn Anderson
Noelle Drews
Reed Bettenhausen
Riley Herbeck
Robin Bettenhausen
Tara Tisch

Betsy Abramson
Lana Julian

Chelsee Self
Cooper Oquin
Daphne Markham
Frank Zaboroski

Fort Lauderdale
Ileana Carlisle
Meghean Feidelman
Michelle Searle

Kansas City
Henry Kanarek
Tate Cooper

Los Angeles
Ben Everett
Jason Angelos
Karen Drenner
Stephanie Angelos

New York City
Alphonse Calvanico
Amanda Marks
Annetta Childs
Brian Rath
Christina Mourkakos
Gregory Gilleece
Jennifer Bruder Lavin
Joseph Maronski
Maureen Cipriani
Mandy Davis
Megan Moronski
Vincent Maronski

Brian Rath
Gwen Siani
Laura Bekier

Liam Knobl

Marianne Anzabi

Zachary Huot

St. Louis
Josh Rentfrow
Kimberly Staats
Lindsey Jackson

Lynda Mack

Virtual Walk
Andrea Cread

2017 Community Walk Members

Columbia, Maryland
Kate Flach


TZ Thanks

You too can become a member of the IDF Order of the Zebra
by raising $1,000 or more on your personal* fundraising page!


Members of the IDF Order of the Zebra receive the following benefits:

Once you’ve set your goal, IDF will reach out to you to thank you and to make sure that you have the resources that you need to join the order. IDF is committed to helping you reach your goal because of the impact that your efforts will have on IDF Walk for PI! 

How do I join the IDF Order of the Zebra?

*Team goals of $1,000 or more do not count toward IDF Order of the Zebra: only personal/individual goals.

IDF Walk for PI Top Team Village

Top Team Village

If your team is one of the top 5 who raise the most funds, you will earn some awesome perks! As a thank you from IDF Walk for PI, the top 5 teams will be invited into a fun and exciting area at the walks called the Top Team Village. For top teams only, the Village will provide exclusive perks and activities, a meeting spot for your team with a table and chairs and the option to decorate your table and tent!* Who will you earn a spot in the Top Team Village this year? Good luck!

Teams will be determined Wednesday at 5 pm EST prior to each walk. Confirmed teams will be notified the Thursday prior by email.

*Tents for the Top Team Village will not be provided. All tents must be approved by an IDF staff member prior to the event.

**Please note that any balloons used as decorations must be mylar.

Contact IDF at 800-296-4433 or for more information.